Apple en Google Wallet support for gift cards

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Cadeaubon in Apple en Google Wallet

Customers can now add your gift cards to Apple and Google Wallet. This ensures them to always have them on hand with real-time balance updates, location notifications, and expiration dates.

Recently, we launched our latest feature that takes your gift cards to the next level. From now on, we offer support for Apple and Google Wallet. Herewith you can easily add your gift cards to your digital wallet.

Easily add gift cards to your wallet

Our new feature allows you to scan the QR code on your gift card or simply click from the email to add the gift card to your Apple or Google Wallet. This applies to both physical gift cards and PDF gift cards received via email, WhatsApp, or printed out. In just a few steps, you can have your gift card digitally available on your phone.

Always accessible, everywhere

With the gift card in your Wallet, you won’t lose or forget it. Whether shopping or out for the day, you can always access your gift card.

Real-time balance updates in your Wallet

One of the most innovative features of our digital Wallet gift cards is the ability to receive real-time balance updates. This allows you to quickly see how much money is left on your gift card without needing to check it physically. This provides a clear and up-to-date view of your available balance.

Convenient Wallet push-notifications

Thanks to push notifications from Apple and Google Wallet, you’ll get an alert on your phone when you’re near a location where you can use your gift card. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to redeem your gift card. Additionally, you can clearly see the expiration date, so you can redeem your gift card in time.

Transaction history

Through the information on the Wallet pass, you can easily click through to view all transactions on the card. This means you can see exactly when and where you spent each amount, giving you a clear overview of your expenditures and the remaining balance.

Automatic removal of empty or expired cards

When the balance of your gift card is €0.00 or the expiration date has been reached, the gift card automatically disappears from your Wallet. This keeps your digital wallet tidy and organized without the need to manually remove old or used cards.


Our gift cards with Apple and Google Wallet support offer a wide range of benefits that enhance your gifting experience. From having your gift card always at hand, real-time balance updates, convenient reminders, to a clear overview of your transactions – using gift cards has never been easier.

Try Gifty’s latest Wallet-feature today and provide your customers with an innovative, state-of-the-art gift card experience!

Want to know more about our gift card support for Apple and Google Wallet? Don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, chat, e-mail or phone at +31(0)85-0161620