Trip down Memory Lane: This is How You Used to Buy Gifts

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A Blast from the Past: Remember the Days of Unabashedly Singing into the Mirror, Brush in Hand? Or Playing Air Guitar with Gusto, Clad in Your Flashy Oversized Fleece Sweater. Ah, yes, we have a vivid picture, and the ’90s surely miss you too. Stress and responsibilities were nonexistent. Your only concern was keeping your Tamagotchi alive, and even that was a challenge. Oh, and making it to the video rental store on time to return your movies.

Entrepreneurship or a Gameboy?

What did your life look like back then? Were you already dreaming of starting your own business, or was a Gameboy your main aspiration? Or perhaps you aimed for a larger collection of pogs, devouring bags of chips while washing them down with a Breezer? Ah, good times; a bit of MSN-ing, painting with Bob Ross, or – wait for it – grooving along with Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Shopping for Gifts Meant Going to the Store

Life was simple; when you stepped out the door, you were unreachable, and when you needed a gift, you went to the store. Strolling through the city in search of a walkie-talkie. Or that one lava lamp. Time was ample, and besides: showing up empty-handed at a party was a no-go, even in the forgiving ’90s.

Back Then You Had Time, Now You Have the Internet

A lot has changed – we went online, and Raider became Twix – but not everything. Because showing up to a birthday without a gift is still a faux pas. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen because a digital gift card is easily bought and given. No matter how busy you are with kids, entrepreneurship, acting important, sports, or simply enjoying life; a gift is just a click away. Back then, you had time, now you have the internet.

You Wouldn’t Leave Revenue on the Table, Would You?

Even with closed stores, shuttered restaurants, in the dead of night, or even right at the doorstep of the party animal; you can easily and quickly arrange it. Nowadays, as an entrepreneur, you also know: 70% of gift cards are bought digitally. Simply through your website, which is, of course, open 24/7. That’s how you do it because you’re not stuck in the past.

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