Gift Cards: What You Need to Know About Validity and Expiration Dates

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Received a gift card and wondering how long it’s valid for? Read this article to discover everything you need to know about the validity and expiration date of gift cards. We’ve compiled all the information for you.

No issue or expiration date on the gift card

If a gift card doesn’t have an issue date or expiration date, it means the card is valid indefinitely. This can be advantageous for the recipient, as they can continue using the card as long as the company exists. Some businesses intentionally make their gift cards valid indefinitely to be more customer-friendly.

Issue date but no expiration date on the gift card

If there’s an issue date on the card but no expiration date, the card becomes void after five years. However, this doesn’t mean the card becomes worthless after five years. In this case, it’s best to contact the seller to inquire about options, such as obtaining a new card or receiving a partial refund.

Both issue and expiration date on the gift card

If both an issue date and an expiration date are listed on the card, the card remains valid until the expiration date. Once the expiration date passes, the seller is no longer obligated to accept the card. However, you can always discuss options with the seller.

Expiration date less than a year

If the expiration date is less than a year, the seller is in violation. It’s not allowed to set an expiration period of less than a year for gift cards. In such cases, as a consumer, you can void this agreement, thereby making the card valid for at least five years.

Gift cards valid for a minimum of 2 years

Starting from January 1, 2022, there’s a minimum validity period of two years for gift cards. This applies to all gift cards, whether purchased by individuals or employers, and whether they’re paper, plastic, or digital gift cards. If the card indicates a shorter period than two years, that period can be voided, and the card remains valid for at least two years.